Retirement brings its own reward of Time! Time for my creative writing pursuits.

My most recent piece of poetry was inspired by the book, ‘The Emperor of All Things’ – Paul Witcover, Bantam Press, 2013.


Time is a small word with great power
Time is measured in moments and millennia
Time is right now, before and later
Time is our friend and our enemy

Time is the Emperor of all Things!
And yet time is an illusion
Time is the one thing we cannot possess
Yet time is our greatest desire

You can take time, and keep time
You can give time, and save time
You can be in time, and out of time
But you cannot own time

I might buy time, or spend time
I could lose time, or gain time
I can be on time or mark time
But I cannot reverse time

Time will tell and time will heal
Time to slow down and time to make haste
Playtime, pastime, every time
And virtually no time to waste

We have all the time in the world
And yet, in no time at all
Our time is up, and we’ve no time left
To mourn the passage of time

In your lifetime of learning
How will you share time with others
My advice, use all of your time wisely, for
Time is the Emperor of All Things!


What am I working on this month?

Fiction and Fact

  1. The second instalment for the Arry Chronicles – for my grandchildren
  2. Short story about Great Uncle William Adrian Allery – for my family history

Instructional Design

  1. Club Officer Training Online – for Toastmasters

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