Collaborative Learning!

“The concept of accepting others’ writing into your blog is a brilliant concept. A collaborative project like this would appeal to connected educators and students and would make a powerful contribution to the blogosphere. You have inspired me to follow your lead and create a learning activity that uses this concept. Thank You!”

Comment January 14, 2016 for Amra Ismail‘s blog post.

Since then I have noted a few other blogs that invite collaboration and my thinking has changed favorably towards the use of blogs, in particular collaborative blogs, for sharing thoughts, ideas and challenges for students in online courses. Prior to Blogging 101 I was naive about the impact of social blogging; only ever having subscribed to educational blogs and rarely keeping up with them. I would send a link of an interesting blog, to friends in Facebook or take note of the latest and greatest e-learning strategies currently being used by my peers. During Blogging 101 I have learned the power of collaborative learning once again, this time ‘through the blogs brightly.’

When I read Amra’s post about contributing to the enriched Perfect The Days blog, I was hooked on the idea of using collaborative blogging as an online activity for learners in my courses.

This is my plan!

Encourage Club Officers in Toastmasters to share their ‘learning journey’ or their ‘learning take aways’ during their year in office by contributing to a collaborative blog! I thought that it may be too complex to have the enrolled learners create their own blog in the blogosphere and then try to connect them, although that certainly would be possible.

Therefore I plan to open up a shared ‘blog’ tool inside my course and direct them to posting their ideas in there. The MOODLE environment is ideal for such an activity as the Blog tool is already built in. The added benefit is that entries need no further intervention by the facilitator, and can all be accessed from the Blog Menu available in the side menu of the course.

As for the content of the shared blog posts, I would be suggesting the following for my learner club officers!

blog instructions for coto.JPG


One thought on “Collaborative Learning!

  1. I’m very glad and thankful that you chose my post to comment on and then write a post on it for blogging101. Guest blogging is not just a platform to connect and share stories but it is also a method to learn, especially what you have been thinking of “knowing”.

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