On Reading

Mystery Thrillers Anyone?

A rainy day! Perfect for reading!

Where shall I begin today? Am I in the mood for a mystery? Perhaps a mystery thriller that calls up ancient rituals and rites in far away realms?

simon toyne 1.JPGTake ‘Sanctus‘, for example, one of those books I am reading right now. This one intrigued me the moment I read the overview in GoodReading:

An explosive apocalyptic conspiracy thriller from a major new British talent that will set the world alight…
The certainties of the modern world are about to be blown apart by a three thousand year-old conspiracy nurtured by blood and lies …

kate mosse 1

And then I was reminded on another writer’s mysteries that engaged me; these I recommend to those who like the mystery but not the horror. Kate Mosse has enthralled me with Labryinth, and Sepulchre and I love the evocatve imagery on the covers.

Oh but what about The Book of Souls by Glenn Cooper the second book in the trilogy. Maybe I want to read that one again or perhaps search for some of his newer ones. I really admire a writer who can transport you in time and place and thrill you in the discovery of yet more shocking secrets – those that mankind has never before seen. I love these titles, found on Glenn’s fabulous web site. The Resurrection Maker, The Devil will come, Near Death, wonder what they are all about.

The thing that I struggle with is not having the ability to read several stories at the same time! Plus, as you may realise by now, I am easily distracted.

So I plan now to go back to reading. Stop writing about reading, just do it!

This has been prompted by the ‘regular posts on a theme’ from Blogging 101. Perhaps my ‘On Reading’ posts will become just that? And it was also inspired by a comment on my post – it occurred to me that others might like to try the books I have read. Look for my latest book I am reading  on the left at the very bottom of this site.

Your thoughts are welcomed here!

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