A mother waits

mother and child

A mother waits, her eyes wet shining
New life inside her, she feels the binding
Her journey begins, in anticipation
Growing in hope without hesitation

A mother smiles,  pain of delivering
This infant, this birth, memory remaining
Her instincts are ancient, built in to her pores
Forgetting the agony, she bonds and adores

A mother cries, her heart almost breaking
There is so much more, for her, awaiting
Pathways unfolding in waves of mystery
Walking them all, learning from history

A mother waits, prodigal child returning
No way of connection, just belief in the knowing
That blood will always remain thicker than water
And inevitable return, of a son or a daughter

A mother heals, her hands ever soothing
Life’s ups and downs, forever moving
Her guidance is given, asked or unbidden
Breathing new hope, so all is forgiven

A mother prays, her hair now greying
For all her children, the joy of living
Her home a sanctuary, with memories of past
And her heart, a gift to treasure and last

A mother loves, with care ever nurturing
Her task never over, and always continuing
This is her calling, her reason for living
A passion, a meaning and unconditional giving

A mother gives till her heart is breaking
Life shifts on the sands ever changing
Pain and sorrow, lifetimes consuming
Enduring and stretching, the soul undying

A mother weakens, resolve is slipping
When pathways darken and life is unraveling
When only bells of grief are chiming
Then memories remain always, of sweet beginning

A mother mourns, overwhelmed by grieving
Her time was being and now is forgetting
One hope remains for impact of parenting
Life’s lessons well spent, her children learning


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