New Chapters for Arry Chronicles


Chapter 7: scorched plains, number nines

scorched plains and 9Harry and Gary join the number nines and escape the scorched plains and learn how to reach the Desert of Dreams

(inspired by Maze Runner and Nine)

Chapter 8: ice cliffs and the riddle of the swords

47 ronin warriors tombLarry and Mary solve the riddle of the swords and take the ice swords back to the mountains of mystery.

(inspired by Game of Thrones and 47 Ronin)

Chapter 9: desolation of the red-wings

eye of the dragonLarry and Mary defeat the red-wings and learn how to reach the Desert of Dreams

(inspired by The Hobbit and Reign)


Chapter 10: tomb of sargeras and the ring of destiny

ring of destiny in legion wowBarry finds the ring of destiny and her courage

(inspired by Aladdin’s Arabian Tales and World of Warcraft)


Chapter 11: welcome home

banyalla kingdomAll explorers return home to Banyalla Kingdom.



Ring of Destiny: Book Two – earlier chapters:
Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

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