Freedom Warrior

You bore your children, your heart was singing
Childhood captured, like arrows from your bow
Aimed true and strong, bright futures bringing
Once released, destinations and success unknown

You raised your children, your pride escalated
Goals and accomplishments joyfully recognized
Milestones marked and birthdays celebrated
Marriages, births, and anniversaries solemnized

You grieved when a child, took the wrong path
Choices and decisions, theirs for the taking
Errors of judgement, and life split you apart
Leaving you wondering, and your heart aching

You smiled when a child, came back to the fold
Greeted and welcomed, dreams renewed and spent
Building memories to cherish as you grow old
Unexpected blessings, for a while you are content

Your heart broke when your child became ill
Mad demons and darkness filling their mind
You cursed at the world and the unfathomable will
Of a wild spirit unleashed, leaving you behind

You sank into the void, the black hearted abyss
Years of sadness, days of depression, I took heed
Memories and glimpses of times you have missed
Fueling raw anger, and stealing your will to proceed

You embrace other worlds to distract and forget
Avoidance and retreat, your tools for survival
But your heart rules your head, anguished regret
What could you have done better? for love’s revival

You did what any mother would do, don’t despair
Hope, the well of expectation, builds a foundation
Your troubled child is now in someones else’s care
Forgiveness is the answer to healing, your salvation

You are not free yet, from the Hell you are in
Your head rules your heart now, keeping all in check
Take solace from wisdom of your Anam Cara within
Send your words to the universe, to heal and protect

You are not alone, my Freedom Warrior, my child
Let me take you to the Land of Beginning Again
I will walk beside you, to guide you out of the wild
Together we’ll build new ways of living, unto the end.

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