52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

I have decided to take up this challenge for the year to boost my family story writing activities. Wish me luck!

Ancestral Challenge 2021!

Family History Preservation is my passion! I help others with their family history research and guide them in preserving their stories for generations to come. You will find more information about those in my website. The focus for me in 2020 was to generate online courseware and create a batch of support documents for fellow beginner genealogists. (You gain access to those through a shared Google Drive.)

This year I wish to focus on building my repertoire of stories for my tribe and practice what I preach. There are many approaches to writing your ancestral stories, and there are many websites and blog sites devoted to the process. What I needed was a way, to gain inspiration, guidelines for content and for motivations for consistency. Therefore I have accepted the ’52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks’ challenge from Amy Johnson-Crow.

As I begin my planning and plotting for weekly stories of my Ancestors, I realise that I need inspiration and motivation to consistently engage with family history EVERY week in 2021. I was delighted to see the first of such inspirations in my email from Amy, displaying the weekly themes for the month of January.

Weekly Challenge 2021

January Themes

Week 1 (Jan. 01-10): Beginnings
Week 2 (Jan. 11-17): Family Legend
Week 3 (Jan. 18-24): Namesake
Week 4 (Jan. 25-31): Favorite Photo


  1. Choose the clan, the ancestor and the family events to write about to fit these themes each month.
  2. Plot my story lines and Track my progress in my Ancestral Cards in Trello.
  3. Publish one to four WordPress blog posts per month here.
  4. Share in my social media accounts, especially my newest group Family History Preserved.

If you need help in the process of writing your Family History Blogs you will find my Free Course beneficial to get you started. Try Blogging in the Past Lane if you want to preserve your family history stories in blogs.

Your thoughts are welcomed here!

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