Dear Cecil

#52 Ancestors

Suddenly, more than 30 years ago

Our Dad left this plane for another

Memories of him flooding in today

From his last two children, me and my brother!

Known for his eccentric behaviour

He was a character, much larger than life

I suspect he was not easy to live with

Least of all for our mother, Winnie, his wife!

What do you recall from meals at the table

I remember his singing, raucous and off key

Do you remember his attempts at the jokes

Falling flat, the laughter, the best bits for me!

The eldest of six, for Walter and Harriet

He took on the mantle of man of the house

Reluctantly, tenderly, aged just fifteen

When his Dad died early, a lion, no mouse!

Remember the story of the time of your birth?

Dad driving to safety, 1940, the worst!

Dodging snipers and bullets, from attack overhead

Mum went into labour, with twins, yes you were first!

He travelled the oceans, later in the forties

Made a new life for his tribe here in Australia

Sailing first, and alone, into the port of Melbourne

Sent for his tribe the next year, with all our regalia!

It was our good fortune to have a Dad like him

Ensuring we all had good choices for education.

No grass grew beneath him, perpetually moving

Many houses later, opened a store and service station!

You took after him, in the field of mechanics

Both you and your twin, learned early and well.

Built a racing car, right there in the back yard.

There was no thwarting your Zeal, holy hell.

Little did you know what that cost our Dad

Memories, tragic accident at race track, dead

He blamed himself for Uncle Ted’s untimely death

His words at the scene, the Newspapers said

I know he was proud of his children’s achievements

Eldest daughter a Nurse, eldest son a Sailor

Youngest daughters in commerce and teaching

Twin boys super mechanics, but none of them tailors.

I know from my searching in old parish records

He came from a long line of tailors in history.

His father, his grandfather and more male ancestors

From Devon to London, they forged a dynasty

Our heritage is blessed with his stoic enterprise

And thinking of Cecil, on this special Sunday

Thanks to you, Dad we have lived a good life

Wishing you a long rest for your Father’s Day


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