Allery Boys: Builders, Soldiers, and Entrepreneurs

My search for entrepreneurs in my family tree landed me amid the lives of my great uncles, who lived in England between the 1890s and the 1980s. I have spoken of this family of boys in other posts; Week 7: Landed; there you will find snippets of information about the sons of my Great Grandparents.

I have been delving deeper into the lives of the 9 Allery Brothers and now want to share further information about each of them.

Top Row: Henry John, Walter Frederick, and George Samuel (sons of Mary Ann Hall)

Middle Row: Dave Bert, Frank Joseph Andrew, Benjamin Robert Phillip (sons of Jemima Blackburn)

Bottom Row: Sydney James, Ernest Alexander, Edward St Swithen (sons of Jemima Blackburn)

Henry John, eldest of the children of my great grandparents, was born on December 31, 1867, in London, England, to Mary Ann Hall, age 22, and Samuel John Allery, age 20.

Henry John and Mary, with one of their children
31 Dec 1867 21 Amery’s Place, Old Kent Road, Newington
Birth Place

He later inherited several properties in the London area from their father Samuel John. Henry, a Bookbinder by trade, married Mary Freeman in 1889; and they had five sons (Henry Frederick Joseph, George James, Albert John, Frederick Robert, and Ernest) and six daughters (Mary Ann Louisa Lillian, Florence Victoria, Ada Minnie, Dorothy Ellen, Rose Edith, and Grace Winifred). Henry married his second wife Mary May Beatrice Perkins in 1925. Henry John died on the 7th of April 1947 at St Andrew’s Hospital, Poplar; CAUSE OF DEATH (a) Ascending Pyelonephritis (b) Enlarged Prostate.

four sons of Henry John and Mary Allery; Henry, George, Albert and Frederick

When Walter Frederick was born on December 11, 1871, his father, Samuel, was 24 and his mother, Mary, was 26.

Walter, a Master Tailor, married Harriet Priscilla Wright on December 27, 1896, in Stratford, Essex, England. They had nine children in 13 years. He died on April 5, 1915, at the age of 43, and was buried in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England.

William, Imee, Edward, Walter, Samuel, Cecil, Harriet

George Samuel Allery – his story appears in this blog post.

Dave Bertie Allery

Dave Bertie

When Dave was born on 5 April 1886, his father, Samuel, was 38 and his mother, Jemima, was 34. He married Alice Maude Bohill and they had one child together, Ivy Alice Maude. He then married Lily Sarah Tomkinson and they had one son together, Walter James. Dave died on 30 June 1963 at the age of 77.

Benjamin Robert Phillip Allery

Benjamin Robert Phillip

When Benjamin was born on 20 February 1888 in London, London, his father, Samuel, was 40 and his mother, Jemima, was 36. He married Edith Rose Waldock on 15 August 1920 in Peckham, Surrey. They had three children during their marriage – Bernard Eric, Phillip John, and David Robert. Benjamin died in December 1969 at the age of 81.

Francis Joseph Andrew Allery

Francis Joseph Andrew

When Frank was born on 13 October 1888 in London, London, his father, Samuel, was 41 and his mother, Jemima, was 36. He married Mabel Constance Bregenzer on 9 January 1921 in Camberwell, Surrey. Together they had two children, Stanley John and Edna May. Frank died in March 1976 in Dartford, Kent, at the age of 87.

Sydney James Allery

Sydney James

When Sydney was born on 2 May 1892, his father, Samuel, was 44 and his mother, Jemima, was 40. He married Hilda Florence Carpenter. He had one son and one daughter with Annie Allery between 1911 and 1912. Sydney died in December 1969 in Hove, Sussex, at the age of 77.

Ernest Alexander Allery

Ernest Alexander

When Ernest was born on 16 December 1894, his father, Samuel, was 47 and his mother, Jemima, was 42. He married Mary Alice Wood on 24 August 1919. Together they had two children, Alexander and Joan Eileen Mary. Ernest died on 6 June 1966 at the age of 71.

Edward St. Swithin Allery

Edward St Swithin

When Edward was born on 15 July 1898 in London, London, his father, Samuel, was 51, and their mother, Jemima, was 46. He married Elizabeth Lilian Ward in 1968 – he was 70 and she was 63. Edward died in July 1980 in Colchester, Essex, at the age of 82.

Edward (Private 227161) served in the Hs Grr Batt North Staffs Reg, between 1916 and 1917. He was awarded medals of valour.

Next up will be the story of the four daughters of Samuel Allery and Mary Ann Hall:

Rosina Elizabeth 1870 – 1935

Louisa Maud 1874 – 1874

Jessie Amelia 1876 – 1944

Jennie Selena 1880 – 1881

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