About the Writer

Who am I as a writer?

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The pathways we choose for ourselves help make us who we are!

New goals now beckon me on in pursuit of new adventures. In my ‘writing’ journey I seek to explore new stories and better ways of writing them.

I created g a Digital Storytelling Online course in January 2019. Digital storytelling is a short form of digital media production that allows everyday people to share aspects of their stories. Since then I have continued to add courses to my Preserving Family History Academy each year and to date have 12 courses to enrol in. There are a few FREE ones and several paid ones.

See the collage of courses image below.

My aims include:

  1. writing fictional stories for my grandchildren; exploring life’s challenges for them and drawing on their own sense of adventure.
  2. writing historical fiction about my ancestors; exploring uncovered facts and drawing on the family stories to colour them in.
  3. writing historical family history; recording the facts and providing the real stories of their lives
  4. writing new faery stories that delve into the Wiccan
  5. with a sprinkling of poetry

Courses that have already helped me to achieve these aims include:

  • Researching your Family History – Heritage Family History (UK) 2012
  • Creative Writing – Open Colleges (AU) – 2014
  • Writing Family History – University of Tasmania (AU) – 2015/2018
  • Researching Your Family Tree – University of Strathclyde (UK) – 2018/2019

Pages and Blog Posts will provide another meaningful pathway for gaining momentum in my writing pursuits. I invite your comments along the way.

What do I want to reveal about myself?

Do I really want to tell you about my leaning towards alternative beliefs? Would you be surprised to know that there are two personas for my Gemini soul? Am I ready to share my love of the Runes and their teachings; or my latest passion for all things Wiccan? Would you like to know more about my passion for genealogy and all things Celtic?

On the other hand, would you be more interested in my Poetry, or my Faery Stories? Perhaps you would be more interested in my ancestry, and where I came from? What about my emigration from UK and life growing up in suburban Australia?

What I can reveal to you is that there are many facets to this writer and you may like to connect with me through my email.

The rest is my professional biography!

I am currently focused on Creative Writing, Family History, and Course Development from my desk in my home office.

As I am now retired from E-learning for Educators I am focussing on the following Edupreneurial pursuits:

For more of my sites and ways to connect with me, please visit my Linktree.

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