Chapter 3

A Glimpse of Elyria

The team of specialists at the Temporal Research Institute archives put in long hours of labour. The dim light from their displays illuminated their expressions. They spent an interminable amount of time poring over the ancient document, convinced that its secrets were inside its carefully preserved characters and symbols.

At the head of the table, Elara stood with her hands on the artefact, as if she could force it to reveal its secrets. Her thoughts returned to the time she and Chronos had originally found the inscriptions.

As if it had happened just yesterday, the memory flooded back with startling clarity. Elara and Chronos have been adventuring through a hidden cave network in search of a legendary artefact. When they turned on their flashlights, they saw an ancient chamber with walls covered in intricate carvings and the artefact they were seeking. It was a miraculous moment that would alter their lives in indelible ways.

Even when Elara’s mind returned to the present, she continued to feel an intense bond with the artefact and its mysterious past. Her family’s background was as intricate as a tapestry, with strands from many various eras and places. Perhaps it was because of this connection that she felt compelled to research her family tree and uncover the unknown chapters of humankind’s past.

The voice of Dr. Maya Chen roused Elara from her daydream. I think we’ve made some progress, Elara. Together with Chronos, I was able to determine that the artifact’s symbols represent an ancient language.

As Elara leaned in closer to examine their results, her heart began to race. “Incredible! Perhaps this is the answer we’ve been looking for.

Elara’s mind wandered to her mum as the team worked to understand the writing. Elara’s mother was a famous historian, and she learned that passion for history from her. Elara, feeling both elated and nervous, picked up the phone to tell her friends about their discovery.

Elara called her mother and said, “Mum, we’ve found something,” in a quiet, emotional tone. In my opinion, we are very close to discovering a long-lost culture.

Her mother’s voice came over the line, and it was full of love and pride. I’ve known all along that you would leave your mark on history, Elara. You are paying tribute to our forefathers by continuing their stories, so keep that in mind.

Elara’s mother’s words echoed in her head as she turned back to her team with a newfound purpose. They spent all night together deciphering symbols and phrases that would lead them to the truth.

As dawn’s first rays filtered through the institute’s windows, everything started to make sense. According to the narrative, the Elyrians were a time-traveling civilisation from antiquity. The Celestial Loom, a tool of unfathomable potential, is at the heart of their might.

The group looked at each other in shock, realising they had just witnessed something truly remarkable. Elara, Chronos, and their companions were on the cusp of a trip that would test the very fabric of time, armed with the wisdom of the Elyrians and the Celestial Loom.