Chapter 4

Echoes of Elyria

The Temporal Research Institute was buzzing with excitement as Elara, Chronos, and the rest of the team uncovered more and more information about the Elyrians. The responsibility for their discovery was heavy, and each fresh piece of evidence appeared to open up even more questions.

Elara’s thoughts went back to the day she and Chronos initially came across the artefact. She became immersed in the specifics of the memory, which were as clear as ever.

Hidden within a mountain range, only they knew of the existence of the vast cave system they had just explored. The air grew colder, and there was a definite sense of history as Elara and Chronos plunged into the gloom. Their torches created ghostly shadows on the walls of the ancient room, illuminating carvings that seemed to move and breathe.

The artefact was placed on a pedestal in the chamber’s centre. The intricate design of symbols and interlocking gears on this golden disc was beautifully executed. Each sign was meticulously engraved, and the gears meshed together in a way that Elara had never seen before.

They had no clue what the artefact was or why it was so important. What they did know was that it was extremely crucial and had been kept secret for centuries. Many believed that by using a loom, one could alter the very fabric of reality by reweaving the past.

The loom’s strength was portrayed in legends with equal parts awe and terror. It was foreseen that attempting to alter the past would leave its practitioner permanently changed. The Elyrians, realising the danger it posed, chose to conceal the Celestial Loom.

Elara and her crew now had the artefact in their custody, placing them at the centre of an ancient mystery with game-changing potential. As they continued their investigation into the Elyrians’ mysterious realm, they could only pray that they were up to the trials that lay ahead.