Chapter 6

Mystery of the Lost Chamber (1285)

A secret meeting was held in the sacred chambers of the Royal Palace as the Elyrian sun set, sending deep shadows across the old city. Queen Elyra, her trusty advisor Theron, High Priestess Lysandra, and General Corvus all had expressions befitting the importance of the discussion they were having. The fate of their world rested squarely on the shoulders of Kael, Master Weaver, who presided over their council.

Kael’s voice, while mournful, had an authoritative quality. The incredible might of the Celestial Loom, while truly miraculous, has turned out to be a double-edged sword, my fellow Elyrians. It could cause the end of the planet if it fell into the wrong hands.

Queen Elyra nodded solemnly, concern visible in her eyes. We must keep the Celestial Loom safe and out of the hands of people who don’t have good intentions. Kael, tell us how we can accomplish this.

Master Weaver took a moment to ponder his response. My aim is to lock the loom away in a hidden room protected by a series of challenging puzzles and riddles. Those who desire the loom will be put through tests of knowledge, intelligence, and virtue.

Theron creased his brow in thought. “What sort of challenges are you suggesting, Kael?”

Kael elaborated, the weight of his words heightened by his use of an archaic idiom. To put it bluntly, “the first shall be a test of wisdom,” in the form of “a labyrinth of shifting passages that will force the seeker to navigate the ever-changing paths of time.” Only the most intelligent and determined will survive.

Lysandra looked at him with wide, curious eyes. Next, “And the second challenge, Master Weaver?”

“The second shall be a test of knowledge,” Kael added, “a series of riddles and enigmas inscribed upon the very walls of the chamber.” The final clue to the loom’s hiding spot is hidden in these cryptic texts, which the seeker must understand. It has been said, “Only those well-versed in Elyrian history and lore shall succeed.”

With a deep rumble, General Corvus asked, “And what of the final challenge, Kael?” What safeguards can be put in place to make sure that only deserving people have access to the celestial loom?

Kael’s eyes shone with absolute certainty. The ultimate examination will be a moral one, a reflection of the seeker’s character. The Celestial Loom will only be accessible to those who lack greed, a desire for power, or a desire for prestige. Those who don’t make it out of the chamber will become trapped there by their own desires.

Council members looked at one another with serious expressions, aware of the weight of the decisions they were making. In order to preserve the efficacy of the celestial loom for future generations, the Elyrians put their faith in Kael’s strategy.