Arry Chronicles: Book Two

Ring of Destiny


The Arry girls are back with their second adventure – to find the Ring of Destiny.

Time leaps are common place for this trio of extraordinary sisters! They use their special chants and toe tingling escapes through portals to the Literal Literary Lands. Sometimes things can go disastrously wrong. In this time leap, instead of an expected journey to familiar places, one of the girls finds herself in the strange new land of Desert Dreams.

One year has passed, since the Peanut Butter incident and their flight to the Sea of Tranquility. Now on Saturday, 10th October 2015, the girls are preparing for their Baseball game in the Aardvark Park at Arryville. Harry and Larry are chatting behind closed bedroom doors about the latest boys in their lives – at last they have something in common. Barry, the youngest of the Arry sisters, and barred from the bedroom chat, is crying in her room. She is scared and nervous about her first game and she is angry with her sisters. Barry, in need of some courage, decides to try the time leap by herself. She has recently, and secretly, installed the free Time Leap app on her iPad Mini, along with a few other apps she thought would be useful for a journey to the otherworld.

Barry secretly time leaps into the land of Desert Dreams, and climbs aboard a magic carpet, to fly her to the Alley of BaBa in the Valley of the Kings. She is seeking the Ring of Destiny – a talisman that will grant her three wishes. The Guardians of the Valley do not welcome strangers, let alone small girls, wearing strange clothes. These pompous creatures make her pass three challenging tests of skill, strength and stamina before they will grant her entrance. Barry smartly uses the special apps on her iPad Mini for assistance.

Barry learns how to rely on her own skills and finds the courage to enter the Alley of BaBa to find the Ring of Destiny in the Tomb of Sargerus. The ring is just one of many glittering gold items in the old temple and Barry must use her new skills to determine which one is the Ring of Destiny.

Barry is in real trouble when the battery power on her iPad Mini dies, and she is stranded!

Meanwhile, back at Banyalla Place, both Harry and Larry are searching for Barry! Mr. Gary Arry and Mrs. Mary Arry, long suspicious of the special talents of their daughters, question Harry and Larry about the portals, and get caught up in a time leap that backfires and tests the courage of all.

The Arry family time leap into the otherworld, believing that Barry may have travelled to her favorite Fantasy Forest. The landing is not at all smooth! The purple portal pulsates and sputters – they are catapulted into the kitchen of the Three Bears. There are menacing shadows throughout the Lands and huge cracks appear in the Forest path. Sinister black clouds crowd the sky and there is no sign of SkyBastian the great sea eagle!

Larry wants to seek help from the Dederang Dwarfs, in the Mountains of Mystery. Harry is sure that Barry would have gone to find The Foxdel Wolf in the Fantasy Forest. They split up and work in pairs, agreeing to meet back at the Three Bears’ home, on the hour!

Larry leads Mrs Arry to the home of the Mountain King, Arreborn, to meet the dwindling clans of Dederang Dwarfs. They are under attack from large fire breathing dragons, the Red-wings, and the King pleads for their help. The dragons have taken up residence in the fields outside the entrance to their mountain home, preventing them from harvesting their crops. King Arreborn leads a small troop of dwarfs, plus Larry and Mrs Arry, to the Ice Cliffs to find the Ice Swords. “These weapons are the only ones that can vanquish a dragon”, he says.

Mr Arry and Harry take the forest pathway to reach the the home of the Foxdel Wolf.

They are tricked into a little distracting adventure in the Metal Maze. Gary must find the Chalice of Courage hidden within a golden turret on a carved table in Room. He shows true courage in the face of changing landscapes and danger in the maze and demonstrates his smarts to use his iphone wisely and rescue Harry from the clutches of the Foxdel Wolf and his pack.

Gary and Harry experience further adventures in their travels in the mountain tunnels; getting lost and finally returning to the right tunnel. They understand the importance of numbers and especially those that lead the way in the scorched plains.

Larry and Mary earn their badges of courage in the Ice Tomb beneath the Ice Cliffs. With the help of the Ice Swords, Mrs Arry and Larry find their courage, slay the dragons and rid the dwarfs from the fearsome scourge.

Eventually each intrepid group of travelers reach the same place, deep in the Tomb of Sargerus, where Barry has uncovered some amazing clues and recovered the true Ring of Destiny.

The biggest challenge they all now face is, how to relocate to the portal in the Three Bears’ kitchen, and reach there at precisely the same time. Disaster strikes! The house is gone, and so is the portal! Now they are all stranded!

Barry uses one of her three wishes from the Ring of Destiny to travel back in time to Banyalla Place, before the others notice she has gone. On arrival she discovers that she is too late, they have disappeared. She must now decide how to make the best use of her last two wishes and reunite with her sisters and parents.

The Arry girls learn about the impact of their actions on others and how to find courage when it is most needed! Barry’s real courage is won when she uses her own three wishes to reunite her family and save the literary world from collapse.

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