desert dreamscape

Ring of destiny: Chapter 10

Temple of Sargeras

The stone steps were the only exit available from the Alley of Baba. Barry was pleased with herself. “I am a Winner”! she said to no-one in particular. She stepped into the stairway which first lead down into dark and murky depths beneath the street level. She trudged the long, narrow and sandy corridor leaving her prints in the sand behind her. The light of her iPad helped to dispell the gloom and she set a cracking pace singing to herself as she went! ‘… one potato, two potato, three potato four …’

Barry was gobsmacked when she finally arrived at the end of the subterranean corridor and stepped out to see that the Temple in front of her was made of sand – not real. “This must be the Temple of Sargeras”, she said as she checked her map again. She had not counted on this final challenge! How was she to get inside a sand castle? There was no way through the door? Or was there?

temple of sargerasOn closer inspection Barry could see a smaller entrance higher up and to the right. A window shaped like a turret with a wooden lattice shutter that looked just like the sand around it, same colour but different texture. She clambered over the strange sandy boulders to get a better look. She focussed her iPad on the window and used her QR Code Scanner to find out more about this entrance. Up popped the information immediately and filled the screen with the following instructions:


Barry swiped and tapped her iPad again to get to the Internet. She noticed that she had very little battery life left in the device, so was happy to see that the number of seasons was mentioned in the title of the movie, the number of voyages was clear, and she knew this game and how to locate hidden items. She blew out a puff of air and relaxed a little!

“I need to save some battery in my iPad – I don’t know what will happen next!” She said to no-one in particular. “I do hope it is cooler inside this temple, my feet are burning”.

Barry then used the numbers to find her way in. She counted across and down the latticed window according to the numbers to find the right coordinate. She was lucky first time, as her fingers found a small recessed panel at the intersection of the lattices. She could not help do one of her famous “Yes, I am a winner” gestures right there in the hot desert sandscape and she let out a woop-woop noise as she pressed the panel.

She shivered as she was instantly transported inside the temple, beneath the sand once again. The temperature dropped dramatically and she felt a little weird. She looked down at her arms as the letters on her skin faded away and were replaced with an image of the Ring of Destiny. “I must be real close now”, she whispered to no-one in particular. “Now all I have to do is find it among the hidden items in the Tomb”. As she began to move around the underground room she was in, she noticed that the image of the Ring glowed brighter as she approached a steel door at the far end of the room. Walking right up to the door she was pleased to see some familiar etchings and she knew she was in the right place.

The door creaked and groaned as she pushed it open and walked through into the tomb. Now she was really cold – the temperature was even colder than before. She began to sing again, the rhyming song, “… five potato, six potato, eight potato, more …” The numbers were again significant as she searched for the hiding place of the ring of destiny. She sang the second verse again as she moved along the rows of clay pots neatly stacked against one wall.  Suddenly she realised she was missing out on the number 7 each time she sang the song. “It must be important!”

ring of destiny in tomb of sargerasShe moved along to pot number 7 and stepped back in fright when she looked closely at the bottom of the pot. She could see a lifeless hand, still as stone, protruding from a crack in the pot.

And then she saw it! “The ring. The ring. I have it.” She said to no-one in particular, as she reached out to claim her prize.

Just then the light from her iPad died out and she was in total darkness. “Oh no! The battery has finally died”.


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