Ring of Destiny: Chapter 11

The Last Wish

Meanwhile, Harry, Gary, Larry, and Mary are still trying to catch up with Barry and all arrive back in the cave at the same time. Excitedly they hug each other and Harry and Larry start sharing their stories of adventure both at the same time and at high volume. Words were bouncing off the cave walls and reverberating so loudly that both parents had to cover their ears and ask them to stop.

‘Let’s focus on finding Barry, shall we?’ says Mary.

‘Where’s the vortex?’ shouts Gary.

All look up to the roof of the cave and see nothing but solid rock.

‘Now what do we do?’ says Mary.

‘Now we make use of our special timepieces and get back to the Forest and to the home of the Three Bears. Maybe Barry has gone there.’ Says Gary.

‘At any rate, the vortex may still be there from when Larry and I landed there, and we’ll have a way home.’ Says Mary.

All four explorers now synchronised their watches to the time of the arrival in the Literal Land and together were teleported back to the place where the home of the Three bears once stood.

‘Oh my God,’ says Mary.

‘Bandersnatch and bunyips’, says Larry. (She is not allowed to swear.)

‘The bloody house is GONE’, wails Harry.

Gary is just about to exclaim also when he begins to feel a tingle in his toes as if he is about to teleport again. ‘Hang on to me,’ he says to them all. ‘I think we are about to leave Literary Land’.

At that very moment, back at Banyalla Palace, Barry makes her final wish.
“I wish that we were all together again and we can head off for the games.’

The Arry family is finally reunited and they now share their adventure stories with Barry who listens quietly. She then tells part of her story but leaves out the bit about finding the ring of destiny.

‘It’s time to go to the baseball game now’, Barry says in her very grown-up voice.

Barry whistles as she dresses for the game and secretly smiles to herself. She had the ring of destiny now!

At the game she stars at every opportunity, and her pride grows as her sisters and parents look at her in awe. “Well done Barry, you are destined to become a great baseball player.”

Barry smiled as she removed the baseball glove to reveal the Ring of Destiny! She still has one wish remaining!

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