banyalla kingdom

Ring of Destiny: Chapter 4

Revelations at the Kingdom of Banyalla

The swift action of Barry surprised Harry and Larry as she whipped the map from under the pillow. They were surprised that Barry knew it was there at all.

“She must have overhead our conversation!” said Larry to Harry.

“She won’t know what to do with the map! Let’s wait until morning and get it back!” said Harry to Larry.

The next morning both Harry and Larry were even more surprised to find that Barry had disappeared during the night; her bed had not been slept in.

“Oh, my God!” they both said in unison, frowning deeply.

“What will we do now?” said Larry. “We have to find her”. Said, Harry.

“Where do you think, she would have gone” said Larry.

“Let’s start by using the portal and searching for her in Literal Literary Land. I am sure she would have gone to Fantasy Forest.” Said, Harry.

“Well, I think that she is a smart kid and will be intrigued with the map to the Ring of Destiny, I reckon she may have gone to the Land of Desert Dreams”, said Larry.

“I think we should let Mum and Dad know right away. We might need their help to find her.”

Together they went to the kitchen where they could hear their parents getting breakfast ready for them.

“Let me break it to them, Larry! I’ll let them know about our special places and how to get there first. Then I’ll tell them about last night, and our theories about where she would have gone to.”

“Mum, Dad, we have something really important to tell you….” She began and then was interrupted as both Mum and Dad winked at each other and said “Yes?”

“Does it have anything to do with your special powers and how you leap into other places?” Dad said.

“Whaaaaaat? How did you know that?” asked Larry.

“We know that each of you is special and your special skills have been handed down in the Arry family for generations! We know that you can visit special places and learn from the people and experiences you have there! We know all this because we used to do the same thing when we were your age”. Said Mum.

“Amazing. Stupendous. Outstanding.” Said Larry and Harry together and then with renewed courage they both then told them about Barry.

time jump watch fob“Okay girls” said Dad. “We need a plan of action. Let’s split up into pairs and take the leap to Literal Literary Land and the Desert of Dreams together. We can plan to return here at the same time”, handing the girls identical fob watches.

“How can these old-fashioned watches help?”
”These are special watches that can tell the actual time in many different places. We were given these along with a few other artefacts from our parents, many years ago. Just dial into the time zone for Banyalla Kingdom and set the alarm for two hours from now.”

The girls set their alarms and tucked their fob watches into their pockets, moving into position with each parent.

Larry and Mrs Arry stayed in the kitchen, held hands, and proceeded to say the words to take them to the Literal Literary Land.

Take us to the otherworld

Show us how to turn back time

Let our dream places be unfurled

In the land of literal nursery rhyme.

The two of them felt the familiar tug from the vortex in the ceiling and were whisked away.

Harry and Gary Arry went to the computer in the study and keyed in ‘Ring of Destiny’ in a Google search field. “Look for the Desert of Dreams, Dad, on the interactive map. There, click and drag at the same time to open the Sargerus Portal.” Harry watched as Gary skillfully followed her instructions.

vortexThen both felt a strange swirling sensation and saw a vortex forming on the large computer monitor. Tentatively they reached into the screen and with a ‘schlurp’ both were sucked into the vortex and were hurtled along at warp speed, out of control.

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