Key to Cooperation: chapter 6

Skybastian to the rescue


Now that Hans had the cooperation key back, he signaled to his people and a hush fell over the crowd. Several of them fell asleep instantly, exhausted from all the manic blibbing and blubbing.

“Thanks to you we now have peace and harmony”, said Hans, smiling broadly at the Arry girls.

“Perhaps we can now help you to clean and repair your costumes. Why don’t you remove them and go for a swim to clean yourselves, while we fix the tears and clean off the butter stains.

Several silvery fish people got to work using silken threads and sharp needle fish to sew the costumes back into shape. They washed off the butter and the peanut butter in the rock pools and carefully dried them in the sunshine!

The girls emerged from the sea, sparkling clean and laughed as they ran down the beach together to dry themselves too. Then they put on their costumes once more!

Something had changed. They were different somehow. They felt calmer and more peaceful.  Each one looked at each other and smiled and nodded.


“Your salmon pink satin lobster tail looks fantastic on you”, said Larry to Harry.

“You literally look like Bob the Builder in your blue denim overalls”, said Barry to Larry.

“I love the way you look in your polka dot clown costume”, said Harry to Barry.

“Time to go”, said Harry. “Let’s call Skybastian!”




This time they took it in turns one after the other. Instantly the eagle swooped down from the sky to make another perfect two point landing on the sandy beach.

“Thanks for your help Hans. We have all learned about cooperation today”, said Harry.


“No, thank you for helping us find our cooperation key once more. We’ll always be grateful for your team work”, said Hans.

One by one the Arry girls shook hands with each mermaid and merman and climbed onto the back of Skybastian

“Goodbye and Good Luck”, the fish people called out in unison.



As the eagle rose high in the air, the Arry girls looked down on the shiny sand of Blibba Blubba Bay and watched as the fish people swam out into the Sea of Tranquility. They saw the ‘great hermit crab migration’ stretching out across the sand, each hermit crab safely tucked inside their new shells. They could see FINKLEBLOOM out in front leading the way!

They flew back over the Mountains of Mystery, the Fantasy Forest and the Bean stalk outside Jack’s house in the fields, and over the river to the home of the Three Bears. With another beautifully executed two point landing, Skybastian safely landed the trio on the ground.

Each girl gave Skybastian a hug and thanked him for his kindness.

“Good job Skybastian”, said Larry.

“Thanks a lot”, said Barry.

“We will never forget you”, said Harry.

Skybastian began to glow with pride and he became so hot, that flames shot out from his feet. In the blink of his beady eye he transformed into a Firebird, and soared up like a Phoenix into the clear blue skies.

“Oh my God”, said the girls in unison. They linked hands and ran back to the kitchen in the home of the Three Bears. The three bowls of porridge were no longer on the table and they could hear the bears snoring in the rooms above the kitchen.

The clock on the wall now read 9:15.

“Quick”, said Harry. “We must get back home”. They formed a circle, put their arms around each other’s shoulders, and chanted again.

Take us to the otherworld

Show us how to turn back time

Let our dream places be unfurled

In our home beyond the rhyme.

As they repeated the chant for the third time they felt the familiar tingling and tugging, this time from the swirling portal above them. One by one they were sucked back up into the vortex, right back to their own kitchen at Banyalla Place, at the end of Arry Lane, in downtown Arryville.

“We’re ready Mum”, said Harry.

“I can’t wait to get to school”, said Larry.

“Thanks for the costumes Mum, they’re great”, said Barry.


They all winked at each other as they glanced at the kitchen clock – it was now 8:20 am.

Mrs Arry walked in and stopped to gaze in amazement at the three smiling faces of her girls in their sparkling onesie costumes!