Freedom Warrior

You bore your children, your heart was singing Childhood captured, like arrows from your bow Aimed true and strong, bright futures bringing Once released, destinations and success unknown You raised your children, your pride escalated Goals and accomplishments joyfully recognized Milestones marked and birthdays celebrated Marriages, births, and anniversaries solemnized You grieved when a child, took the wrong path Choices and decisions, theirs for the taking Errors of judgement, and life split you apart Leaving you wondering, and your heart aching You smiled when a child, came back to the fold Greeted and welcomed, dreams renewed and spent Building memories to … Continue reading Freedom Warrior

Arry Chronicles: Book Two: Ring of Destiny

Synopsis The Arry girls are back with their second adventure – to find the Ring of Destiny. Time leaps are common place for this trio of extraordinary sisters! They use their special chants and toe tingling escapes through portals to the Literal Literary Lands. Sometimes things can go disastrously wrong. In this time leap, instead of an expected journey to familiar places, one of the girls finds herself in the strange new land of Desert Dreams. One year has passed, since the Peanut Butter incident and their flight to the Sea of Tranquility. Now on Saturday, 10th October 2015, the … Continue reading Arry Chronicles: Book Two: Ring of Destiny