Chapter 4: The Family Skeleton

Detective William “Will” Grady travelled to the neighbourhood police station as the sun rose, spreading a gentle glow over the English countryside. His thoughts were constantly returning to the crime scene at Blackwood Manor. He had witnessed his fair share of horrific murders as a seasoned detective, but the ferocity of this murder suggested a personal grudge and a deep-seated fury.

Will was well known for his knowledge of forensics. His reputation was based on his extraordinary ability to analyse a crime scene and decipher the hidden meanings hidden in even the tiniest pieces of evidence. Knowing that the devil was in the details, he was determined to track him down.

Thomas “Tom” Hawthorne, Abby, and Liz met there in the interim. Tom was a local historian who shared Abby’s enthusiasm for family history. He was extremely knowledgeable about the local families, their intertwined histories, and the folklore of the community. Tom was an expert in forensic genealogy, using both DNA testing and conventional genealogical techniques to unravel historical puzzles. But it turned out that this particular case was trickier than they had anticipated.

A mystery ancestor who vanished without a trace and left a trail of rumours and unanswered questions caught their attention as they dug deeper into the Blackwood family history. It turned out that this ancestor was Jonathan Blackwood’s immediate forebear.

Later in the day, Jon Blackwood came to the records room to join them. The mysterious and endearing Blackwood family heir was Jon. He carried the burden of his ancestry with poise and a hint of melancholy. In a letter that he had sent to Abby, Jon had discussed the murder and the upheaval it had brought about in the family. He had made oblique references to his concerns regarding Sébastien and Olivia’s newfound interest in the family.

It was fascinating to learn about the dynamics of Jon’s family from him. He discussed tense interactions, unspoken grudges, and the ongoing pressure to protect the family name. His remarks conjured up images of a family under attack, their placid exterior buckling beneath the weight of lies and secrets.

The day ended with an unexpected discovery. They discovered a family skeleton—a long-forgotten scandal—in the depths of the Blackwood family tree. A tale of betrayal, a love child, and a family conflict that had splintered the group. The link that bound the past to the present and the dead to the living was this skeleton, which was the final piece of the puzzle.

They were on the verge of a discovery as Abby, Liz, Tom, and Jon dug deeper into the scandal. The family skeleton had begun to tremble and was about to reveal its secrets. They only needed to listen.

As a result, the crew found themselves in a race against time under the watchful eye of history, trying to solve a mystery that had been brewing for millennia. The players were prepared when the contest began. However, were they ready for the revelations they were about to make? Time would only tell.