Chapter 5: The Genealogy of Guilt

Blackwood Manor’s residents were caught up in the shadows of the previous day’s disclosures as the sun broke through the holes in the thick drapes. The family skeleton, which was now in the open, had given old feuds and suppressed resentments new life.

The murder enquiry at the manor had come to the attention of Maxime “Max” Desjardins, a local police officer with a history of shady behaviour. He was a middle-aged man with a thick build and a face that proudly displayed his transgressions. His relationship with the Blackwoods was a well-kept secret, and he had no morally upright motive for being involved in their business. He arrived at the manor with an abrupt demeanour and unclear intentions.

Meanwhile, Lucien Dupont, the mysterious leader of a competing genealogy firm, discovered Detective Will Grady in a confrontation with him. Dupont, who was big and commanding and had eyes as icy as a winter night, harboured resentment for Abby and her group. Abby’s ground-breaking study had overtaken his firm, which had formerly been known as the top name in genealogy. 

He intended to take advantage of the chance presented by the murder at Blackwood Manor to regain his firm’s supremacy.

Tom and Jon joined Abby and Liz in their research since they were unaware of the undercurrents of rivalry and deceit. The day was spent reading through old documents, following the Blackwood family tree, and interpreting the hints of a long-buried scandal.

As dusk fell, the team gathered in the sizable library of the manor, the flickering fire lighting up their faces. Each new piece of information they learned and shared helped to unravel the mystery. It came out that the Blackwood family tree was a labyrinth of secrets and betrayals, with each ancestor bearing some of the blame.

Will came as Abby was telling the tale of the love kid, the family conflict, and the enigmatic ancestor’s absence. There was some anxiety when he entered the room, but Abby persisted. She was aware that they were on to something important.

Max finally moved forwards after patiently watching from the corner. His voice boomed around the library, deep and ominous. He cautioned, “You are interfering in matters that do not interest you.”

Never one to back down, Will looked Max in the eye. He responded with a forceful voice, saying, “The murder at this manor worries us all. The atmosphere in the room was tense, with a noticeable undercurrent of hostility.

The day came to a cautionary conclusion. They had discovered a long history of guilt that had its roots firmly planted inside the Blackwood family. They now had to deal with the repercussions of shaking the family’s foundation.

The group was conscious of the threat as they turned in for the night. They were aware that they were getting closer than ever before to finding the secret, though. The stakes were rising, and the game was getting riskier. They believed they were prepared for whatever lay ahead. Nothing is ever as it seems in the world of secrets and lies.