Furious Fiction 2: The Convoy

By five o’clock that evening the sky was bright red above the mountain ranges and the hot northerly winds continued to blow the smoke into the township below. Visibility was reduced to 100 metres and the lights from the convoy were shrouded in haze. Craig walked to the front of the line and climbed into the cabin of the lead vehicle. His smart phone sounded the alert for the evacuation relaying to the families in their vehicles behind him. He exchanged a look with Sandy as he switched on the ignition and roared the V8 diesel engine into life. Adjusting … Continue reading Furious Fiction 2: The Convoy

Gordon Monroe Dingwall: 1914 -1915

It was not long after the declaration of war, that the Dingwall boys of Toowoomba decided to join the army. The stirring recruitment campaigns in Queensland, as in all other states of Australia, had their desired outcome, an increase in enlistment of soldiers in the Australian Imperial Forces. News of the war was all over the news in the newspapers in Toowoomba – it was hard to resist the call to arms. The Dingwall family, sent their sons Douglas, Alexander and Gordon to fight for victory over the enemy abroad and bravely endured the horrors of war from a distance … Continue reading Gordon Monroe Dingwall: 1914 -1915

Freedom Warrior

You bore your children, your heart was singing Childhood captured, like arrows from your bow Aimed true and strong, bright futures bringing Once released, destinations and success unknown You raised your children, your pride escalated Goals and accomplishments joyfully recognized Milestones marked and birthdays celebrated Marriages, births, and anniversaries solemnized You grieved when a child, took the wrong path Choices and decisions, theirs for the taking Errors of judgement, and life split you apart Leaving you wondering, and your heart aching You smiled when a child, came back to the fold Greeted and welcomed, dreams renewed and spent Building memories to … Continue reading Freedom Warrior

New Chapters for Arry Chronicles

Outline Chapter 7: scorched plains, number nines Harry and Gary join the number nines and escape the scorched plains and learn how to reach the Desert of Dreams (inspired by Maze Runner and Nine) Chapter 8: ice cliffs and the riddle of the swords Larry and Mary solve the riddle of the swords and take the ice swords back to the mountains of mystery. (inspired by Game of Thrones and 47 Ronin) Chapter 9: desolation of the red-wings Larry and Mary defeat the red-wings and learn how to reach the Desert of Dreams (inspired by The Hobbit and Reign)   … Continue reading New Chapters for Arry Chronicles

Arry Chronicles: Book Two: Ring of Destiny

Synopsis The Arry girls are back with their second adventure – to find the Ring of Destiny. Time leaps are common place for this trio of extraordinary sisters! They use their special chants and toe tingling escapes through portals to the Literal Literary Lands. Sometimes things can go disastrously wrong. In this time leap, instead of an expected journey to familiar places, one of the girls finds herself in the strange new land of Desert Dreams. One year has passed, since the Peanut Butter incident and their flight to the Sea of Tranquility. Now on Saturday, 10th October 2015, the … Continue reading Arry Chronicles: Book Two: Ring of Destiny

A mother waits

A mother waits, her eyes wet shining New life inside her, she feels the binding Her journey begins, in anticipation Growing in hope without hesitation A mother smiles,  pain of delivering This infant, this birth, memory remaining Her instincts are ancient, built in to her pores Forgetting the agony, she bonds and adores A mother cries, her heart almost breaking There is so much more, for her, awaiting Pathways unfolding in waves of mystery Walking them all, learning from history A mother waits, prodigal child returning No way of connection, just belief in the knowing That blood will always remain … Continue reading A mother waits

Letters from Samuel John Allery

   Jemima Mary Anne Allery 26 Crown Street, Camberwell 3rd September, 1889 Dear Jemima, I am sorry to be away so long from you, especially so near to the birth of our new child. I hope that you are in good health. Is Rosina looking after the little ones for you? My journey to London was worth it and I am really proud to have received the Freedom of the City of London certificate. Quite an accolade for a middle aged tradesman, and one that my father would have been most proud of. Our certificate will be displayed in our … Continue reading Letters from Samuel John Allery

The Journal of William Adrian Allery

December 1924 I was tired and dusty from the long train ride from London to Dartmouth. The station platform was almost empty, except for a few porters vying for business among the meagre crowd. Spotting a large white card with the word ALLERY in large letters held by a tall, thin man wearing a pinstripe suit and bowler hat; I pushed my way through the milling porters to reach my guide. Black clouds were brooding over the township and I was glad to be heading to Townstal, the countryside of my birth. As we drove to the parish church of … Continue reading The Journal of William Adrian Allery

On Reading

Mystery Thrillers Anyone? A rainy day! Perfect for reading! Where shall I begin today? Am I in the mood for a mystery? Perhaps a mystery thriller that calls up ancient rituals and rites in far away realms? Take ‘Sanctus‘, for example, one of those books I am reading right now. This one intrigued me the moment I read the overview in GoodReading: An explosive apocalyptic conspiracy thriller from a major new British talent that will set the world alight… REVELATION OR DEVASTATION? The certainties of the modern world are about to be blown apart by a three thousand year-old conspiracy nurtured by blood and lies … And … Continue reading On Reading

Getting lost in a good book!

What do you like to do in the summertime? That was a question posed at our Toastmaster meeting last night. Members and guests responded enthusiastically on the topic and shared myriads of pastimes. This prompted my thinking about my own favourite summertime pastimes and I volunteered one of my own. Getting lost in a good book! Now I usually have 2 or 3 print books on the go at any one time, plus one or two more ebooks on Kobo or Kindle apps. I often borrow ebooks from my local library through Borrow Box by Belinda digital. I love to … Continue reading Getting lost in a good book!

Reason to Believe | The Daily Post

In Reason to Believe, Bruce Springsteen sings, “At the end of every hard-earned day / people find some reason to believe.” What’s your reason to believe? Source: Reason to Believe | The Daily Post My reason to believe is embedded in my roots; the past that shapes my future; My reason to believe builds a stronger pathway; the future that binds my past; My reason to believe brings hope in darkest moments; the present that rules my life. Reason to Believe This Prompt Post took me down a ‘spiralling rabbit hole’ of music, using Reason to Believe as the search … Continue reading Reason to Believe | The Daily Post

Using Videos

One of the daily tasks earlier in the course encouraged Blogging 101 participants to embed a video. Below are a few videos I have chosen for helping learners in the process of creating a video. I have subscribed to TechSmith in YouTube for a range of these useful video tutorials. There I was able to access their playlists and selected Tips and Tricks. I have edited the embed code to vary the sizes of the playing windows for each one and centred on screen. Video Tip Series #1: Recording a Video Video Tip Series #2: How many Videos do you … Continue reading Using Videos

Blog Notes!

Reflections on Days One to Ten! I did have several blog sites that I used for various projects and purposes! During my participation in Blogging 101, I have been able to delete those that are no longer relevant and focus my attention on those that are! Blogging 101 has focussed my journey into WordPress with renewed information and I am glad I chose to join the challenge for January 2016. The Daily Tasks have steered me in the right direction for: managing my blog and all its components commenting on other’s blogs linking to other blogs of interest organising my pages … Continue reading Blog Notes!


William Adrian Allery, my late great uncle, spent many hours and pounds in searching for his ancestral link to the Angell Estate. William was a Master Tailor with money to spare for his genealogy searches, much to the dismay of his immediate family. He had at last found evidence of the marriage of Elizabeth Benadict Angell to his 8 times great grandfather, Samuel Allery.  The news of his find was all over the newspapers of the time and has intrigued me for years as I follow in his footsteps. It was the discovery of an entry in an old parish register … Continue reading William

Collaborative Learning!

“The concept of accepting others’ writing into your blog is a brilliant concept. A collaborative project like this would appeal to connected educators and students and would make a powerful contribution to the blogosphere. You have inspired me to follow your lead and create a learning activity that uses this concept. Thank You!” Comment January 14, 2016 for Amra Ismail‘s blog post. Since then I have noted a few other blogs that invite collaboration and my thinking has changed favorably towards the use of blogs, in particular collaborative blogs, for sharing thoughts, ideas and challenges for students in online courses. Prior to Blogging 101 I was … Continue reading Collaborative Learning!

Angell and Allery

Searching for Angells: facts and fiction When William Adrian Allery was born in June 1845 in London, his father, William, was 28 and his mother, Mary, was 26. He was one of the few surviving children of William and Mary. He married Mary Ann Sampson and they had two children together. He was a master Tailor and the family historian. He believed he had solved the riddle to the family fortune in 1924. He acted upon his evidence of ancestry and seized a dwelling in Brixton, part of the Angell Estate, demanding that the resident pay their rent to him, the … Continue reading Angell and Allery