The Genealogist’s Grimoire:

Murder in the Family Tree


In the hushed stillness of Blackwood Manor, a murder echoes through the generations, casting a haunting shadow over a lineage that stretches back through the centuries. Unravel the secrets buried within its ancient walls as you traverse through the pages of “The Genealogist’s Grimoire: Murder in the Family Tree”.

Welcome to a world where the past speaks louder than the present, where bloodlines are maps to secrets hidden in the folds of time. Unearth a family’s legacy etched not in stone, but in the silent whispers of the dead. The Blackwood family, steeped in prestige and mystery, find themselves in the eye of a storm that’s been brewing for centuries. With a brutal murder shattering the tranquility of their ancestral home, a team of skilled investigators delves into a labyrinth of deceit, betrayal, and hidden identities.

Journey alongside Abby and Liz, two childhood friends united by their shared love for genealogy and forensics, as they decipher the cryptic clues etched into the Blackwood lineage. Accompanied by Detective William “Will” Grady, a seasoned lawman known for his forensic acumen, and Thomas “Tom” Hawthorne, a local historian with a knack for unraveling the most tangled family trees, they find themselves racing against time to solve a murder that threatens to unearth a scandal that could shatter the Blackwood legacy.

On their quest for truth, they cross paths with a cast of characters as intriguing as they are diverse. From Jonathan Blackwood, the charming yet enigmatic heir, to Maxime Desjardins, the corrupt police officer with a vested interest in the Blackwood affairs, and Lucien Dupont, the formidable head of a rival genealogy firm, each character brings with them a piece of the intricate puzzle.

“The Genealogist’s Grimoire: Murder in the Family Tree” weaves a tale that transcends time, delving deep into the world of genealogy, forensics, and the dark underbelly of family histories. It is a story that shows us how the past, though buried and long forgotten, can ripple through to the present in the most unexpected of ways.

Join us as we step into the heart of the mystery and navigate through a maze of secrets and lies. This journey is not for the faint of heart, but for those who dare, the rewards are immeasurable. The Blackwoods are waiting for you. The question is, are you ready to meet them?

Are you ready to uncover the secrets that lie in the very heart of the family tree? Dive into the darkness, and let the genealogist’s grimoire guide your way.