chapter five: Wisdom Warrior

The Faery was gone and Lisbet was back in the stone circle again, a little dazed but more sure of herself than she had ever been. The morning sun washed the grove of trees in new light and Lisbet was ready for the final part of her quest. She took out the mirror of dreams and looked deeply into the glass. Swirling mists gathered in the glass and the turrets of a castle slowly came into view. She recognized the ruins of the Castle and knew where she needed to be – and the next moment she was there.

There was no one in sight; all was quiet. She looked again into the mirror and saw those same gates she had seen when she had met the creature in the Tree cavern. Running now she followed the old path to the cells, past the ruins of the castle keep and into the prison courtyard. She found the rusty iron gate and drew the sword to cut through its locks – she entered the cell.

There in the corner, on the floor, was an old woman; thin straggly grey hair plastered to her head, and her eyes sunken in her face, dark shadows beneath. The cell was grey and gloomy, with just a thin sliver of light shining from the small window, high on the wall. The old woman stirred as Lisbet walked towards her, and tears sprang to her eyes as she held out her hands to her ‘knowing’ grandchild. With a whispery voice she recited:

You are one with the tree

Knowing what is yet to be

Guiding you to truth and the Way

And returning the love that you know.”


Lisbet Mary, seven years old, became the wisdom warrior for her Grandmother!