The Writing Journey

Who am I as a writer?

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The pathways we choose for ourselves help make us who we are!

New goals now beckon me on in pursuit of new adventures. In my ‘writing’ journey I seek to explore new stories and better ways of writing them.

I created g a Digital Storytelling Online course in January 2019. Digital storytelling is a short form of digital media production that allows everyday people to share aspects of their stories.

My aims include:

  1. writing fictional stories for my grandchildren; exploring life’s challenges for them and drawing on their own sense of adventure.
  2. writing historical fiction about my ancestors; exploring uncovered facts and drawing on the family stories to colour them in.
  3. writing historical family history; recording the facts and providing the real stories of their lives
  4. writing new faery stories that delve into the Wiccan
  5. with a sprinkling of poetry

Courses that have already helped me to achieve these aims include:

  • Researching your Family History – Heritage Family History (UK) 2012
  • Creative Writing – Open Colleges (AU) – 2014
  • Writing Family History – University of Tasmania (AU) – 2015/2018
  • Researching Your Family Tree – University of Strathclyde (UK) – 2018/2019

Pages and Blog Posts will provide another meaningful pathway for gaining momentum in my writing pursuits. I invite your comments along the way.

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