Thunder rumbles and black clouds glower

Sleek droplets fall, washing all

Rainbow arcs, send eerie lighting

Coloring the majesty, sunsets call


She is moving on, harvesting wisdom

A lifetime of stories ready for writing

Threads for weaving, making meaning

Weaving tapestries enlightening!


A piece of this and a bit of that

Stitched together, each one selecting

Memories and other realities

Moments caught in time, reflecting


You won’t regret it, looking back

It’s good for you, they often say

Write it down; tell the story

We’ll read it all some other day!


It is my wish, my sanctuary

My journal writings, to explore

How writing shows the truth in my world

And reading brings the truth to yours!


3 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. I love that you were able to summarize what writers want, that is to be able to write their story, share it and make a mark on someone else’s life. Its a beautiful poem, thanks for sharing ❤


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